Andrée Schwabe - Rochu

I am to describe a sentiment, a state of being in my paintings


Born in Algeria, I arrived in France at the age of 13. After one year spent in Nice, then in Brittany and Nantes, I moved to Luxembourg when I was 25 and made a (European) family. My husband is German, my daughter is Luxembourgish.

I have dual French/Luxembourgish nationality.

I live and work in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Professional background

Design studies at the Art School in Nantes (FR), "Ecole d'esthétique" (2 years) in Nantes, artistic make-up in Paris with Hagop Arakelian (make-up artist to Jean Marais for the film "Beauty and the Beast"). Assistant to chief make-up artist Charly Koubesserian for one year in Paris. Course in Design and painting with several professors in Luxembourg, and at the Art Academy in Trier, Germany.

Nominations and exhibitions

  • -5th Biennale of Contemporary Art in Strassen (Luxemburg) (2009)
  • -SIAC – International Salon of Contemporary Art in Marseille (France)  (2013)
  • -Festival of Visual Arts in Monastir (Tunisia)  (2006)
  • -Festival of Visual Arts in San Joao de Madeira (Portugal) (2007)
  • -23rd Open Air Art Festival in Lelingen (Luxemburg) (2013)
  • -20th International Art Salon in Valmy (France) -- First  Jury Prize! (2014)

Nominated by the "Art Fashion Institute" to represent Luxembourg at "EU Fashion Art" at which 28 artists from 28 countries exhibited at the European Parliament in Brussels in 2014


Individuals from the 1930s, faces, the small alleyways of Luxembourg, still life …


Oil or acrylic paintings on a structured background

I structure my paintings on paste. I leave the first layer to dry for 24 hours and then add another (new mixture) which I leave to dry for a further 24 hours. I then rub it down to give it a smooth feel. I design my subject and, in line with the colours which I've decided to work with, I proceed.

I paint practically every day when the mood is right.

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